Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Stuff, And We Just Turned Two! Big Sale, Etc.

New mix up on Mixcloud, weirdo-rap:

New guest mix coming at some point, she agreed to it! I am so stoked and honored about it, it's a big deal. More soon... Here is the series thus far: We just turned two, THANK YOU! In honor of the terrible twos, here's a sale for ya'... Vinyl, Cassettes, Digital... Finally, get at us for mixing, mastering and more for rates artists can actually afford:
FBR Creative Audio Services

Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Is Coming, Here's The Deal...

MJC/One Man Love Triangle had to cancel the tour to SXSW due to some family illness issues.  Sucks, however whilst handling business, much music will be written and local shows are def. wanted.  Proper tour news forthcoming when things calm down.  Things have NOT calmed down w/ the label and such, thankfully.  Brand new release, free, from OMLT...  FBD007 below!  Currently trying to pull our next physical, FBR007, together.  I hope it comes outta left field for everyone.  More on that soon as well.  FBR Creative Audio Services is fully up n runnin', that link will be included as well, very excited to work with some amazing folks.  Finally, some show announcements coming soon that you will prolly think I'm lying about...  Soooooooo dope, see ya'll on the flip.  Mx

Monday, February 1, 2016

Thank You

For a great 2015...
This year's already better.

Amazing New Guest Mix & Pre-Tour Free EP

The above says it all... MJC/OMLT are hitting the road, it so appears... With the Fake Four Inc. Posse, rockin' it all the way down to SXSW. The above are ruff instrumentals that need to be overdubbed, edited, and most importantly? Vocals need to be tracked as this will be a full-on performance fiasco ;-) Dates soon, come out and party.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy 2016, Here's The Latest... Starting Things Off Large!!! New Release Out Now

Yo Yo- Happy this last year is over... Musically amazing, but life was rough for many including myself. Lots of loss. Lots of anger. A lot of people seemed to have "Gone Through It" in the (Thankfully passed) '15. Life moves on whether I choose to sulk or work, thus we decided to really go for it right off the bat for this here new year. We proudly present the new cassette by mythical Tommy V. This release has been done in conjunction w/ the formidable Fake Four Inc. Given their heavy and respected presence in underground music, I was personally humbled to be included at any level. Given that, about 3+ months ago Tommy and I dug in... DEEPLY. These lush compositions, recorded over the course of a year & mixed via phone over the last three months, driven by live instrumentation and vocal harmonies sit somewhere (I hate genres but gotta do my job) between Jazz and Classic Breakbeat Record-style groove science. Expertly woven into a listen that breezes by organically then immediately flips to repeat itself. It is meant to be listened to all the way through. It was mastered as such, in that ear fatigue should not be an issue... The songs breathe and pop to life in the way they were naturally recorded and arranged by Tommy V himself. Much love to Fake Four Inc. for the opportunity, to Ceschi for ears and art layout, and everyone that preordered. 3/4 gone almost since yesterday. LMTD/100, holler, be nice to one another.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Here we go, Preorders Now

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tommy V- Silence Speaks Volume One via Fake Four Inc. & FilthyBroke, Jan. 8 2016

First share off the new new by the mythical Tommy V... Preorders begin Friday, 12/18/2015, his BIRTHDAY!!! Happy end of the year, y'all.